Fly in a tandem hang glider over Lake Garda with a flying instructor.

Exciting, evocative, simply incredible! A tandem hang glider flight on Lake Garda with a professional, qualified flying instructor will give you a remarkable experience that will take your breath away

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be able to fly like a bird?
In a hang glider you can experience the feeling of riding the skies like an eagle, of diving through the clouds like a falcon, and of soaring on the wind like an albatross.
You will experience a sense of absolute freedom, and of being at one with the nature around you. In a total involvement of your senses, you will hear the whistling wind and feel your body light in the air. You will smell the scent of the flowers while you are brushing the treetops, and your eyes will be filled by the magnificent landscape opening up below you. Ride the wind and touch the clouds with a tandem hang glider flight on Lake Garda!

For your flight, we will provide expert, certified pilots, all the necessary equipment, and transport to the launch site in a 4-wheel drive Land Rover, for 30 minutes of thrilling “Sky Safari” flying, at heights of up to 1200m above Lake Garda

The total time for a tandem flight is about one hour.

Whether a birthday, graduation, or another special event, every occasion is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with a flight. Garda Flying Paradise will supply everything that you need to make this fantastic experience possible.

Our team has the finest flight equipment of the latest generation. For us, safety is an absolute priority. We have flown tandem hang glider flights on Lake Garda with passengers from 4 to 81 years old, and up to 110 kg weight. No experience is necessary, all you have to do is be able to run for 10 paces.
Photos and HD videos are possible during your flight so that you can relive the experience at home.

Your family and friends can wait for your return at the swimming pool, which is next to the landing site. A Bar, Restaurant, children’s area, Hotel and B&B are available, along with an extensive green area. Don’t miss the chance to spend an unforgettable day with friends and relatives at Garda Flying Paradise. They will be grateful for the opportunity, and if they want they can accompany you up to the launch site, from where they can admire the spectacular views over Lake Garda and watch you take off for your tandem hang glider flight with instructor.

Save the memories of a unique emotion,
the first time you never forget it!

And in order to share the memory and the great emotion of your first two-seater hang-glider flight on Lake Garda, there will be the possibility to create HD photos and videos throughout the flight and with up to 6 cameras mounted on board, which they resume simultaneously from different angles.