Garda Flying Paradise
Hang Gliding and Paragliding tandem flights.

Do you have any doubts? Do you need information on tandem flight? Check out our FAQ for all the answers!

At Garda Flying Paradise we are available for hang gliding dual flight with instructor, and paragliding tandem flight with instructor, all year round.
The price is 170 € for hang gliding and 120 € for paragliding, per person.

With the paraglider you will fly sitting in in front of the instructor and you will always land while sitting down.
With the hang glider you will fly lying beside the instructor in the same flight position of the birds, and you will land on the wheels like an airplane.
For sporty types we recommend flying hang glider, more fast and adrenalinic, viceversa choose paragliding (slow flight).

We have flown tandem passengers aged from 3 to 94 years old, and up to 90Kg weight in hang gliding, and 110 kg weight in paragliding.
No experience is necessary, all you have to do is be able to run for 10 paces.
Photos and HD videos are possible during your flight so that you can relive the experience at home, +20 € for every one camera on board (max 6 cameras).
Paragliding + Hang Gliding combos possible, 250 € (same person flight on both in a day).
Thermal flight (more than 30 minutes duration) +30 €
For groups of more people, simultaneous flights are possible, with 8 paragliding pilots and 3 hang gliders pilots operating (subject to availability).

For your flight, we will provide expert, certified pilots, all the necessary equipment, and transport to the launch site in a 4-wheel drive Land Rover, 30 minutes of thrilling “Sky Safari” to reach the take-off at 1200m above Lake Garda (Monte Pizzocolo, behind to Gardone Riviera).
The total time for a tandem flight is about one hour.
Our team has the finest flight equipment of the latest generation. For us, safety is an absolute priority.

Better to book a few days in advance also indicating a chosen time, we are operating with flights from 8am until sunset.
Sometimes it happens that flights suffer delays, even significant, due to weather conditions; have the patience to wait for your turn, safety always comes first.
In extreme cases (sudden adverse weather) the flight could be postponed to another date, in this case there is no reimbursement of travel expenses to passengers.
Confirmation of the flight and times, only takes place the day before, after checking the weather forecast for the following day and only by calling this number +39 3472284361 or better by Whatsapp.

How to dress: wear a pair of comfortable running shoes and cover properly depending on the season.
For more information, see also the related FAQs on the site:

To reach us by car follow exactly this navigator setup:
for those coming from the south: set the navigator on Salo – via Strada Panoramica1, arrived here continue on along the Strada Panoramica that will take you to San Michele, via Val Di Sur 111 at Hotel Colomber
for those coming from the north: set the navigator on Gardone Riviera – Piazza del Vittoriale, arrived here continue along Via Delle Arche that will take you to San Michele, Via Val di Sur 111 at Hotel Colomber
To reach us by public transport:
By train till Brescia, then take a bus for Salò (central station) and after Mini-Bus for San Michele (Hotel Colomber).

Your family and friends can wait for your return at the swimming pool, which is next to the landing field : booking needed, cost for the whole day at the pool 10 € per person.
A Bar, Restaurant, children’s area, Hotel and B&B are available, along with an extensive green area.
Don’t miss the chance to spend an unforgettable day with friends and relatives at Garda Flying Paradise, they will be grateful for the opportunity, and if they want they can accompany you up to the launch site (15 € per person) from where they can admire the spectacular views over Lake Garda and watch you take off for your tandem flight with instructor.

To stay, these are the links to the accommodations directly on our flight field:
Hotel, Bar & Restaurant.