A cozy nest where you can rest with your body and fly with your mind

Waiting for you, at the end of the flights, you will find a cozy, relaxing and comfortable corner where you can have a drink at the bar, eat at the restaurant or take a dip in the pool.

Flying is always an experience that goes beyond normal human habits.
After a dual hang-glider flight or two-seater paragliding flight on Lake Garda, and with the body still full of adrenaline, you will not find anything better than relaxing at the Hotel Colomber, which is adjacent to the landing field and includes a bar, restaurant and swimming pool.

Even for those who must stay for holidays, the most recommended choices are to always stay at Hotel Colomber (www.colomber.com) or in the B & B BigSur (www.bigsur.eu) both connected to the airfield; here you will find the best value for money and a welcome that only family-run establishments can offer.

Waiting has never been such a pleasure!.

Both for you when you have returned from your tandem hang glider or paraglider flight on Lake Garda, or for your family and friends waiting for those who are still “dancing amongst the clouds”, our leisure area provides all the services you need:

bar, restaurant, swimming pool, children’s area and an extensive green space. The leisure area at Garda Flying Paradise is perfect for your return, an oasis where you can relax after the whirlwind of thrilling emotions and sensations that you have just enjoyed. You can wind down from the adrenaline in the best way possible, you can cool down and even get tanned. After swimming in our pool, you can enjoy the specialities served at the Colomber Restaurant, with local recipes based on Lake Garda cuisine. In the meantime you can mentally relive your flight and watch the manoeuvres of the pilots who are still up in the sky.

A location ideal for everyone.

Your corner of paradise, set in a unique environment and a special landscape, ideal for all ages.

Enjoy an exciting day at Garda Flying Paradise, where you can take tandem hang glider or paraglider flights on Lake Garda, and at the same time enjoy a day with your friends and relatives. They can come with you up to the launch site, travelling with our shuttle service, and they will be able to admire the spectacular views over Lake Garda from a height of 1200m. They can also watch while you take to the air in a tandem hang glider or paraglider flight.