A corner of paradise in the clouds

Garda Flying Paradise is in a part of the world that is not easy to find, and to reach it, you have to know where to look

In fact it is within the Upper Garda Park, which, with its over 38,000 hectares of state-owned forest, is one of the largest wilderness areas in Lombardy.
As it is not on the usual tourist routes, it benefits from absolute peace and quiet, making it the ideal place for people who like to be surrounded by nature. It is a magical place!

The topography and microclimate of Garda Flying Paradise make it one of the finest flying sites in Italy, considering the number of flyable days per year.

With us you can enjoy the magical experience of a flight for two in a hang glider or paraglider on Lake Garda, and after your flight, Lake Garda offers many other forms of enjoyment: open-air sports, spa parks, art cities, amusement parks, botanical gardens, and, after nightfall, some of the finest nightclubs and discotheques in Italy.

All this in a radius of just a few kilometres from Garda Flying Paradise, the ideal location for an exciting holiday.

An uncontaminated landscape.

You will find yourself amongst eagles, ilex and chamois goats.

Our flying area is in the heart of the Upper Garda Park, which, with an area of over 38,000 hectares, the largest state-owned forest in Lombardy, represents an ideal location for flying, whether solo or as a passenger in a flight for two in hang glider or paraglider on Lake Garda.

Flying in history.

Soar over idyllic landscapes, where nature goes hand in hand with works built by man, with enchanting views over historic locations that are part of Italy’s history.

Highlights include Monte Pizzocolo, the beaches of Toscolano, the islands Isola del Garda and Isola dei Conigli, the Sirmione peninsula, the bay of Salò, and the moraine hills that descend southwards towards Desenzano. A variety of landscapes will accompany you in your tandem flight in hang glider or paraglider on Lake Garda, gliding over the Vittoriale degli Italiani, Villa Alba and other characteristic historic locations